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  1. I pretty much only play video games on my phone when I am away from home. What about you? Have you ever used your phone or tablet to stream TV shows or movies away from home?
  2. My wife and I own 'Murder On The Orient Express" on VUDU and decided to watch it again last night. It's the third time we have seen it and it gets better every time and I pickup things that I missed. What about you? Have you ever rented or bought a movie from VUDU?
  3. Our local radio station streams over the internet. I use to listen to them years ago, but the last time I listen to them over the internet there were more commercials than music. So I stopped listing to them after about 30 minutes. What about you? Do you stream radio stations over the internet?
  4. I just read a article on the local news channel and 4K TV is coming to Michigan in 2021. Right now as far as I know there is only one channel broadcasting in 4K. So I am going to hold off on a antenna upgrade until there are more channels. I don't feel the need to upgrade to 4K with just 1 channel broadcasting in 4K. Do you have any 4K channels in your area?
  5. It's never the same when ever I watch a TV show or movie than one time. I know when it's going to happen and why is going to happen and it ruins the immersion for me. So I tend not to watch the same TV show or movie more than one time unless my wife wants to watch it over again. What about you? What are your thoughts on reruns or watching the same movie over and over?
  6. I have seen the ad for the new Paramount streaming service. They offer movies, sports, and cartoons. But I have to say that I am going to have to pass. I am not interested because they do not offer any of the content that I like and besides if I bought every streaming service it would be more than regular cable TV! What about you? Are you interested in the new Paramount streaming service?
  7. My wife and I are done with Pluto all we could stand are 3 days. The commercials are over baring, they run commercials after commercials. So we are going to stick to our airway "The First 48" even though they are older episodes.
  8. My mom came over today and I was showing her the Roku voice remote and I was able to search all of her favorite TV shows and it found every one of them. She was super impressed and so was I. Most of the shows were free and some of them were paid and some of them were subscriptions. In closing, if your going to buy a Roku make sure you get the Roku with a voice remote!
  9. I don't miss Video Rental Stores because it was always a pain to take the movies back. But I do remember going to the Video Rental Store with my parents on Friday and renting movies for Friday and Saturday night. And we would return them Sunday morning. What about you? Do you miss Video Rental Stores?
  10. I think it's starting to get crazy with all of these different streaming apps popping up. Soon all of these streaming apps are going to add up to as much as cable TV. The only difference being is there will be no commercials. What about you? What are your thoughts on all of the different streaming services popping up?
  11. That's pretty interesting, I thought a 4k antenna was a stronger signal. I know my Antenna says it's rated at 1080p I wonder if it can pick up 4k? I guess there is only one way to find out. But I am pretty sure 4k is not in our area because we still have a lot of 480p & 720p channels. P.S. A hour long 1080p TV show is 4GB so it makes me wonder how many GB a 4k hour long show? Kind of scary when I think about my 2TB PVR hard drive LOL.
  12. My wife and I have been watching Peacock we got it for free with our Comcast Flexbox which is free if you are a Comcast internet customer. And we have been watching "The First 48" and I am happy to report that the commercials are minimal and for $5 you can go commercial-free but they are so minimal that we don't see a need to pay. They have a ton of content on the channel, so if you are looking for another streaming service give Peacock a try!
  13. I have been searching for "The First 48" and I found it on Pluto and let me tell you BOY do they have a ton of commercials. It's almost just as bad as regular TV. I wouldn't even watch it if it wasn't for "The First 48" I do plan on deleting it off my Roku as soon as we're done with the season. Have you watched anything on Pluto and if so what did you think about it?
  14. I have had my antenna for over 3 years now and the converter box is going on 2 years and I just upgraded the flash drive recently. Having said all of that the cable company wants $30+ tax a month 10 channels and I have 28 channels for $0 and times that by 36 months. It costs $1080 for 36 months of cable TV and $190 for my so I saved $890 over the last 3 years which includes replacing the old converter box and flash drive.
  15. Today I was thinking about all of the TV programs I have been recording and my wife and I have been prioritizing what TV programs that we watch. Because we have so much to watch. Which I am super happy about because I remember a time in my life when there wasn't anything I wanted to watch on TV. what about you? Do you have more TV programs/movies to watch than time? And do you prioritize what you watch?
  16. I haven't found the need to use my Chromecast on my TV in a long time. Roku has been my go-to for a while now and I haven't even used the Roku since December when I unsubscribe to my streaming services. How about you? Have you used your Chromecast device lately?
  17. Most of the TV channels in my area are 720p or less with the exception of a few 1080p channels. So I do not plan on upgrading to a 4k antenna any time soon. I will however upgrade to 4k as soon as it becomes mainstream in my area. What about you? Are you planning to upgrade to the new 4k TV antennas?
  18. December I went antenna TV only for a month and guess what! I have more TV programs than I could ever watch in a day and I am saving a lot of money! I am not saying that I will never get streaming services again, I am just saying that I will most likely resubscribe every 3~6 months to watch the new stuff and then let it go again after I watch everything that I want to watch. P.S. I do have Amazon Prime, but I haven't watched anything on it in ages. I only have it for the music and shipping.
  19. That movie looks super interesting, I love SIFI moves. It kind of reminds me of the Matrix and I LOVE the Matrix. I plan on watching it for sure and I will be sure to let you know what I think about it.
  20. Those are timeless classics, next time I resubscribe to Hulu I am going to grab this Disney+ package. There are so many timeless Disney classics and tons of new Disney stuff to watch that I think I will have stuff to watch for months.😀
  21. I have to agree with you these cable companies are losing market share and they want to retain the same profit margin. So they try to squeeze money out of their existing customers to maintain profits. And they end up losing customers and they rinse and repeat. It sure doesn't make any sense to me.
  22. So far so good, we have more programs then we can watch. We are not missing the streaming services at all. I am going to need a bigger hard drive in the next 6+ months because were recording so many TV programs.
  23. I agree you would think that the marketing geniuses at the cable companies would lower prices and try to attract new customers. The only thing saving the cable companies are the new internet customers that keep signing up.
  24. Is it about the Ice Road Truckers that drive over ice in the wintertime? I use to watch the Ice Road Truckers on the Discovery channel. I think those guys are crazy and I am interested in what Ice Road Rescue is about so please do tell. 😀
  25. Cable companies like Comcast are raising prices to recoup the loss of subscribers. When in fact its going to cause even more people to quit cable and go streaming. I mean seriously most people are just making it month to month. And they have a budget that they have to work with. They are either going to have to cut something out or get rid of cable or downsize their cable TV package. What are your thoughts?
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