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The advertisements on YouTube are getting out of hand

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I know this is not specifically YouTube TV related, but I find the amount and duration of ads on YouTube lately have gotten entirely out of hand. I can't seem to watch even a 5 minute video without being hit with 2 pre-roll ads, and 2 to 3 mid-roll ads, followed, of course, by the ending ad/ads. What is going on? Are they doing this to help along subscriptions to their YouTube TV service? I'm guessing that's ad-free? Is that why they are bombarding us with ads? I remember the good old days when you had 1 ad at the beginning and you could skip it after 5 seconds. Now there are typically 1 to 2 ads and you are lucky if you can skip the second one.

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I noticed that too, I am not even going to bother using YouTube anymore. I keep getting subscribe to YouTube Red to watch regular YouTube add free. And I don't watch enough YouTube to even bother subscribing. If you ask me they are going to shoot themselves in the foot by driving people away because they are sick of ads. 

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