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Well I found out a 128GB flash drive is not big enough to record all week!

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This week I set up my PVR every night and my new 128GB flash drive was full last night. I didn't know it and it caused me to miss a lot of TV shows. So this week I am going to try taking the TV shows off of the flash drive on Wednesday and Sunday.

The good thing is I recorded over 100 TV shows which included 15 of "The First 48". Which makes me super excited, my wife and I are going to do nothing but binge-watch "The First 48" tomorrow.

P.S. my future plans are to buy a 12TB external hard drive and use my 2TB hard drive on the PVR so I can record a full week.

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1 hour ago, Lee said:

What is the first 48 about Greg? 🙂

t's a detective show about solving homicides. And they have 48hrs to solve them. They don't always solve them in 48hrs but they do solve them and still show what happens to the bad guys. 
P.S. here is a clip from YouTube.


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